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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  July 26, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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jones industrial average so we are in positive territory with the dow moving up 8 percent since the early july lows. welcome to the glenn beck program. and now, some hope: you are making a huge difference and do not let then tell you differently. do not let anyone beat you down. when they said glenn beck, what they really plenty was you. and they meant you, a lot. >> unfortunately, glenn beck is in my brain all the time. >> glenn beck. glenn beck. don't realize what happens is really, nothing. i won't talk about him because it will show up tonight and i don't think he is important enough. they will show you how much
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we're not worth talking about coming up in just a second. come on. hello, welcome. a big progressive conference in las vegas over the weekend and you were a major topic. again, they mentioned me. but, they really were talking about you because without you i wouldn't merit a single thought from the people. the president even came and we will show you he came and say, we are making progress here. these people are freaked out. let's start with, first, the former democratic chairman, howard dean, who was on with chris wallace, unpegged from the truth. listen to this.
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let's be sure, fox news is absolutely racist. >> and we're not responsible for others. i agree with you, but it wasn't on fox news, so maybe you should not use those words. >> and it was about to go on glenn beck which was what the administration was afraid of. >> afraid? the video was about to go on glenn beck, are we a minority report? remember they had, look, it has my nail on it, we're in a movie now. does howard dean have a group of albinos bathed in milk? do you see the future on your computer screen? i'm surprised commandos didn't bust into the studio last monday to stop me from playing the video i was about to play. unfortunately for them, they are
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not good at mine reading because i didn't play it and when i did, approximately 26 hours after she was fired, the next night, i took shirley sherrod's side, now, howard, that is a fact maybe you should not bypass but it doesn't seem like anyone is getting the facts get into the way of the tom cruise minority report chicken little racist charges. the problem is, that you are in control. you have gotten under their skin and they cannot get you out of their heads. james rucker is from "color of change," and speaking. >> unfortunately glenn duck is -- glenn beck is in my brain all the time. that is bad for your health. >> i haven't spent a single
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moment thinking about you and my business has been more successful. we are having the best year. ever. but rucker knows that we're supposing the progressive agenda to the light of day and that is what he has a problem with. watch. no one knew what it was, people outside of our political world, until they were on glenn beck's blackboard. >> we did talk about ties. last september, we talked about ties. well, why wouldn't you want us talking about ties? are they working for social justice? isn't that what all of your progressive friendships are working toward? why would you hide it? a campaign we ran last year "color of change," was going after glenn beck advertisers where we stripped him of normal
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brand companies you would recognize but the reality is, and we were not trying, we were trying to actually, trying to marginalize him, we wanted to make him untouchable, being, if you were on the other side of beck it can be a stressful thing. gosh, james, i'm sorry, i'm sure that rarely being mentioned on the show is more stressful than four advisorses to the president of the united states, the most powerful man in the world who is running a smear and boycott campaign against you is stressful but i can't imagine one or two mentions on my show has been hard for you. this is the mostly dick louse thing i have ever -- the most ridiculous things i have ever heard. reality is coming undone and
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doing our country a disservice. the more time we spend on them, the more we become them. america deserves far better than this. we are better than this. this is the politics of the past. accept. strangely, without even the past, without a real past, they have a made up past but not this past. as i said, the tape of shirley sherrod was in the going to be on my show. i didn't have it scheduled. i want going to play it. when i did, over 24 hours later i supported her. cries of racism now without even an event. so what is this really all about, america? what is the real issue here? because it's not racism. the issue is: choice.
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as it always is. it's choice. we must choose now. now is the time. do we choose those would create fear? limit choices? lie? cheat? steal? do we stand with acorn, panthers, union thugs? or do we stand with the troops? cops? your church? small business men and women. moms and dads who are just doing their best to make sure their kid has a decent education. parents that fear america's best days are behind her. because the powerful forces of greed and corruption are blocking the road to individual freedom, individual faith, responsibility, individual responsibility, inventiveness --
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blocking us from volunteering. this is the same choice. man has always been at this place. they have ask us to make this choice over and over and over again. in the 18th century, we made the choice. we said "no," to a king in bed with special interests and didn't care about the people. in the 1850's the most unlikely of heroes stood with people of faith to right the wrongs of the past. when both parties were corrupted this man began a new one. it was called "the republican" party. a name that, back then, had meaning. after we fought that bloody battle they tried to make us choose again during reconstruction and that time we almost failed.
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we got so lost and then wilson and fdr each time they made us choose and it weakened the system. in the 1960's they stole our grandparents' children and those that had the most and had done the least conspired on how to destroy our children's inheritance. and here we stand, here we stand at that epic choice: do we let man conquer the american spirit? or do we stand again and shake off the ever-forming chains, reclaim our rightful place by picking up our god love given responsibilities to ensure that man continues his crawl from the swamp to the stars. stand. stand for you are man! what is more, you are an american. let them cry "racism," let them
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cry it all day long. i ask you to stand and cry "freedom," all men, all races, all creeds, freedom; freedom from want; freedom of religion and speech; freedom from a faceless bureaucracy that makes your choice for you. the main story, over and over and over again through history. make a choice. and they usually fool you because they dress it up. how many slave owners put a happy face on taking man's freedom away? well, we are helping them. they can never be on their own. they will die without me. frederick douglas understood a
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kind slave owner is still only a slave owner. we have solved this how many times? we never solved it completely but we have answered the question and made the choice 100 years ago, but the evils of man have conspired to form a new chain. this chain, again, is one of help and handouts and health care. but it is a chain around our necks nonetheless. this is your choice. kiss the hand that feeds you. or fight for your right to eat, sleep, work, and worship as you wish. man must speak while man can speak. i have to tell you i have learned a lot in the last 12 months. i have learned a lot.
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the world seemed a lot more simple even 12 months ago. i will not drag me down to this level. i've made mistakes in the past. but i have tell you something, i have learned a lot. we don't need to call people names. we don't have to. their words are evidence enough. they cannot make the argument in the open. they know, no man of any color would choose to be enslaved so they have to lie. they cheat. i don't think those in power and those who seek even more power are racists. as i have come to understand
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that racist is too small of a word. i believe these people will end slave any man. it doesn't matter what color they are. it doesn't matter what party they're in. in the end, if america chooses this new path, mark my words: all knees shall bend to a new earthly king. the story we are seeing unfold is the oldest story around. it is a story as old as man himself. to make this about me or make this about the president is to mock the point in history at which we fine ourselves. we are small and in significant. the choice is monumental and universal. once again, we fine ourselves in the same point with the same
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choice and someone saying "choose." we have. over and over. but because we're human, we are flawed. and we never quite get it right. but in the past, we've always been moving forward. we've always been standing more erect. i believe, again, that americans will draw the line between them and those who currently hold the keys that control the force of the greatest most powerful nation on earth. that force they have behind them, those who would be ourself appointed kings, those who would blast our sacred american ideals while they cry "racism."
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americans will humbly stand together in the fire of god's truth and once again cry "freedom."
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>> and netroots progressive thing, a conference happened in nevada over the weekend and you had three people from one of the other networks there, one introduced the video from the president and yet fox is the one that is getting charged with being involved in politics. it's truly fascinating to me how
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there's only one bad network in america. amazing. truly amazing. harry reid in his home state, this did not make sense to me last week, felt last week it was time to announce the bad news for progressives, that cap and trade was dead. i remember seeing that last week and i said to someone with me, that doesn't ring true. there is something wrong with that statement. and i thought of it this weekend, that they are in his home state, the same progressives who are throwing stuff as nancy pelosi a few weeks ago, and he announced this before the weekend and i thought why would he do that? if reid were smart, he would wait until after the weekend to proclaim cap and trade "dead."
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and with harry reid that is an enormous "if," so maybe he doesn't mine saying cap and trade is dead. or there's another option. he doesn't mind saying it's dead in congress because congress no longer matters. they now have the financial bill and the health care bill. they got them both through. they are law. as we find out every single day, there's a lot more than just health or finance covered in these bills. joe biden said "now the heavy lifting is over and we can go out and make our case." they are done and they know they will lose alienating everyone in the country except for 40 percent, 30 percent. they have the real zealots on their side but everyone else is a little soft. they have 11 percent approval
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rating. is it possible they don't care about the elections of congress or those in the presidency, or about the elections of congress because they for longer need congress? i warned you about structure being put in place. watch. i said, please, please, america, don't debate, don't compromise on these things. there are things in the bills that you don't even know. they are building a machine and about to turn the darn thing on. i think we're at that time. i thought about this, this weekend, and watch dogs we need you to scour these 5,000 pages. i need you to scour the bills and i need you to look for parts of a machine that will help make cap and trade unnecessary to pass through congress. i believe they are turning this machine on with the help of
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sustein, the most dangerous man in america, the guy that takes the laws and then turns them into regulation. all these bills are, is someone else regulates. he is the guy who is that "someone else." and with cap and trade we don't have to look any further than the epa. but the epa is just protecting you. these are the same people who thought it would be good to dump oil tires in subway cars into the ocean to make reefs for the fish. that to me sounds a lot less like helping the environment and more like throwing massive heaps of trash into the objection but they were fine. the same people that did a video contest showing how great government regulation is in "every aspect of your life." and they now want to regulate hair. a senior political analyst at
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the epa said "we're considering all that right new and thinking about what might make sense and while the agency strongly prefers congress pass new laws dealing with greenhouse gasses, we think there's a lot of progress that can be made using certain tools under the clean air act." america, i told you they have your life through health care. he have your pursuit of happiness. go out and make a way for yourself through the financial regulation. liberty. that is the only thing left, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. there is a war being waged over your individual freedoms that is not being fought with guns and bullets. back in march, bloomberg reported that "the obama administration is considering a carbon trading system under existing law if congress doesn't pass cap and trade legislation that allows companies to buy and sell the right to pollute."
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the epa official said that today, under existing law they do not need anything else from congress. over a year ago i warned senator demint, we have a four-page document called the constitution. we have 5,000 pages, now, that nobody knows what's in them. congress didn't even read them. i warned the senator that congress was quickly making themselves irrelevant. i think congress is over playing their hand. and they're being outplayed. i think they're making themselves irrelevant to a massive new federal framework with all kinds of czars and everything else. >> they will do it with or without congress because they
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can. back in april of 2009 the epa "formally declared carbon dioxide and five other trapping gasses to endanger public health and this is a fess step before the epa can regulate air." according to a newspaper the president would veto legislation that proposes blocking any of the impasse -- gas regulations. all that is missing is the trade. but to quote epa, there is progress to be made despite no cap and trade bill, they're committed to getting cap and trade, one way or another. just like they're committed to getting the public option passed. here's harry ri. >> i wish we had a public option. but we will have a public option. it is a question of when.
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it is funny, i don't know what will wake your friends and neighbors up. i don't know, are they still saying it couldn't happen here in america? is that what they are saying? i don't know what else it takes to wake up your friends and neighbors that their freedoms are being lost, stolen in the cover of darkness. like these guys are wearing invisible cloak and everyone can see them. they are right there! i have a sense, a sense that there is growing frustration in this country. i have a sense, also, that there are lunatics everywhere on the left and right that have no problem killing pause -- because
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that's what lunatic do. the average american i fear is about to say "i give up, i give up." that's why they have been doing this for the last year and a half. in greece i read a quote, they said "the greeks have been trained to be passive." don't you let them train that out of you. the question that americans have to ask themselves, again, is another choice: are you committed to the republic? are you committed to the idea of america? or are you to the point well, well, why know ... to get to the answer of what you have to do, and what the next step is, and where we are, you have to think like an activist. i will show you how.w
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>> for the first time in five weeks, the dow recovered from the losses for 2010 closing in positive territory by gaining 101 points with stocks rising after a jump in new home sales and profit outlook for fedex. the white house calls the leak of classified u.s. military documents "potential national
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security concern and beach of federal law," but says most of the information is not new. and reports today that b.p.'s chief tony hayward will leave in october to work for the venture in russia. no official word from the oil giant. glenn beck returns in a moment but first a special report. >> coming up we my have found new details from the leaked story involving iran and pakistan with the u.s. navy off korean peninsula and the new cycle that belongs to shirley sherrod at the top of the hour for "special report." back to glenn. i think this is sad, the president is trying to shut down offshore drilling. couldn't be a problem in the world with that. but chavez is threat being to cut off the oil exports to the u.s. and they provide 12 percent
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of all of our oil so i doubt stopping offshore drilling and chavez shutting off the pipe would have any adverse effect whatever ... great britain is decentralizing health care. i love this. remember the european model we are going after? they say it doesn't work and we appointed the man who called the system "a seductress," and we hire him to implement the same health care system in america that doesn't work over there and they are getting out of it. how do you think this ends for us? for now, remember we all have to stand together. i will show you exactly how this ends for us beginning tomorrow on this program. but, first, i will give you a piece of good news. i told you before that the
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thing, the worse thing we can do is to break apart; that if we become them we're in trouble. you have to think like an activist. you are not an activist at heart, i'm guessing, you are a mom, dad, son, daughter, a check student, working hard at your job trying to raise your family and live your life. but now you're involved. not because you want to be. but because you realize you have to be. i know the last thing you want to do is take a day off and join a protest. it's uncomfortable. you don't know who people are. things are different now. you don't know who you can trust. bizarre, isn't it? i said before obama was elected i said a year from now the country will be so different you won't recognize it. do you recognize it? everything obama has set up and jammed through probably feels like you are not making much of
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a difference if you are in the tea party, calling congress, how many people have you talk to that say you call all the time and it is useful. it doesn't matter, they don't listen. that's intentional. it is fascinating to me how history repeats itself. this is exactly the time not to give up. and take it from a lifelong activist. not me. the late 1970's a guy name bill moyer drafting "movement action plan," one of the freaks with the antinuclear power plant movement and at the time the government had set a goal of creating at least 1,000 new nuclear plants and they said by the year 2000 we will have 1,000 of these and in 1977 the activists stage add protest that got national teapg.
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moyer was thrilled what they accomplished but when he met them he was shocked to see how many were disspirited and depressed, and frustrated and thought their efforts were in vain. new power plants still being built. that's when he went back to the hotel and created the movement action plan, map. he looked at the commonness of all movements and provided a map to follow. it's a how-to from the people who know. he contends there are eight stages to every movement. i will send this out on the free e-mail newsletter and you need to pass this to everyone you know. it not only explains why the president and this administration are working the way they are working, but, also, explains how to pete them. let me show you. this is on the chalk board that
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the left loves so much, this is map, sames of a social movement success. okay? first part is the problem. let's ooze the problem we're in right now, spending and corruption, that was the problem we had under george w. bush, we were spending too much and it was corrupt and something was wrong so we had appear election. they continued the policy. that proves the failure of the government policy. we saw it. it wasn't happening. it wasn't right. then tarp, g.m. and the public started to see the victims and the problems as the tea party just started to take off with what's his name said, this is not working. we need a tea party. the public saw the victims and the problems. and then a trigger event where it takes off. i believe this was last year, the big event where everybody
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started to say "yes," and there was excitement. and then perception of failure. this is where i believe we are now. an identity crisis. the sense of failure and powerlessness. in sight of the goal and they have experienced some success but it doesn't come quickly enough and there is frustration. perception of failure. this is a very dangerous place because, and remember this is from a lefty, you get through here and this is where the movements usually fall apart. it's also usually where you start to see danger signs, where somebody picks up a gun. at this stage and what i will send you in our free e-mail newsletter, it says you must make a stand against violence. let me tell you something, i make this very clear for anybody on the left, right, or the middle: if you pick up a gun, if you cause any violence, if you are engaged in a riot, let
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me promise you now the republic will be over. over. because they need you to do that. perception of failure. it becomes dangerous here. because it could fall apart because people are tired. they're discouraged. crazies start to appear. but look how close. the next step is majority public opinion. this is already happening. there's already the majority that are against the public option, against health care, against the regulation, and it is already there. what's the next step? success. but you have got to get past this box. it's amazing because this is the box that the left is in. you go to the next step and it is continuation here, and back to the beginning.
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it's very important you don't let the fact that obama jammed through health care and financial reform or the government is spending too much money to lead you to believe that you failed. you need perspective. expecting this giant government to turn around quickly is an unreasonable goal. it takes years, sometimes decades to do something as huge as changing an entire corrupt system. i have been thinking lately and this is, really, a point of 8/28. why necessity if we will do it. i think it will be our children that do it. you cannot give up, you have to build on every small victory at the local level. keep moving forward. the tea parties have had their victories. look at this week at netroots, the progressive conference, all of the weird people and hippies are there.
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you feel you are here but listen to what they said at the progressive conference this weekend. i'm in a situation where -- (inaudible) there is great danger we will go from despair to despair. to a couple of months of hope. now, why would he be worried about the change movement being on the bubble? i think the average american thinks the president and the left are sell -- celebrating, in progressive land and they are not celebrating. in fact, far from it. president obama apologized to constituents. >> change has not come fast
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enough for too many americans i know that. or for me. and it hasn't come fast enough for many of you who fought so hard during the election. the fact is it took years to get here and it will take time to get us out. >> understand if that stoapt wake up -- doesn't waiblg up your neighbors and your neighbors will not feel them until 2012 all the changes are not enough. so much they have the perception of failure. what is stopping the president? he has huge majorities. there is nothing standing in the way. except you. you. by the way, the protesters who brought a debate albeit ridiculous on nuclear energy to the public, the goal, remember, when this was devised, the goal
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of the government was to build 1,000 nuclear power plants by 2000. they followed this. there were 67 nuclear power plants in america when they started. the government wanted 1,000 bring 2000 and now they are up from 67 to 104. going peacefully. keep moving failure, america. and never, ever, stop. @=h
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>> this is the movement action plan and we will make it available for free. please, pass this to everyone you know. the left has this. it explains everything. and you need to read it. it explains why they're moving the way they are. tomorrow we explain what they're moving toward. but this really helps your
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strategy and helps understand where we are. the thing to remember is when you are standing in the way of progress, as the president likes to say, you are now opposition and therefore a political target. sunstein is trying to discredit you calling you racist or dumb. you name it. they are doing it now and it doesn't matter they can destroy one. but they can't destroy all of us if we remember together and keep standing. they will paint themselves as captain america although they hate it and are trying to change it. not restore it. change it. transform it. we've told you how they lie to paint the tea party as racists. are there racists in tea party? i am sure. are there racists in naacp?
5:48 pm
in coffee groups? i am sure. they are in all of society. but they are infiltrated. this is why i say, don't bring the signs to 828 in washington, it will be easier to find out who is who. bring your kids. all they show are the signs. and the message is lost. just keep being decent, an honorable person, that you already have and have been. i want you also to take our 40 day and 0 night challenge and sign this, which is from martin luther king, we put it up there but i have added something in my challenge, and i have asked you to practice faith, hope, and charity. in three ways, to do that. charity begins at home. with your children. tonight. bly a game with your kids. do it every my, read your children a story, gather your family together. charity begins at home.
5:49 pm
hope comes from truth. get all of the lies out of your life. don't even lie to yourself. know what the truth is. it is hard. i have done it. it is a difficult process. the truth shall set free. and faith, could i be completely politically incorrect and ask you to go back to your synagogue or back to your church, your temple, go back, go back, go back. he's the only one that's going do save us from this. read the bible tonight, read the words of jeremiah, he begs, "turn back to me," and everything will be okay, go do and sign a pledge, nonviolence and change your life in 40 days and 40
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>> and now the rest of the week, on friday we will bring people together that are bickering and let them have it out. it is time to grow up and come together as americans. tomorrow, there is an international effort for revolutionary change and not a new idea. and global civil unrest is going to play a huge role in this, designed that way. here is how it will begin. or take root here. and abroad.
5:54 pm
in britain i told you they are preparing for a massive health care cut, national health care service, the program that the guy obama appointed to head our medicare and medicaid program, and the one he called "global treasure," is failing. what a surprise. they were only drinking water out of plant stands. the most common operations such as hip replacement and cataract surgeries do not happen to people who are 25, they are going to be rationed to save billions of pounds in england. this is a trigger for civil unrest in england. england has been trained to expect entitlements. a given. they will not know how to give back the service and that causes public angst and they will have to lay off a lot people and that makes the unions happy. now, in america, i believe our civil unrest is planned in two
5:55 pm
ways: one, the republicans come into office and they try to repeal health care. if they do that they will be call racist. they hate poor people. they want to eat children. they hate old people. they are against progress. you know the drill. but if repealing it fails we have to wait until 2012 but health care rules will be in effect in the next three years and that is when the full lie will be realized and it will be too late. the best medical care in the world will be lost for the vast majority of americans. either way, americans lose. we follow england's failure. either way, there's a good chance of civil unrest. this is part of the radical plan that i will show you tomorrow night. we have the blueprints to destroy the economy; second to implement revolutionary change. a plan developed more than 40 years ago. when you see it and your friends
5:56 pm
see it, you will say to yourself, there's a good chance this is what they're doing. knowledge is power. and you must understand what we're up against because when you understand it, there is hope and you will know how to defeat it, you will know exactly what they want you and need you to do. plus, on the knowledge front, this wednesday, sign up for a live exclusive event, the mr. m. transformation of america. mark my words, this country will nationalize our police, firemen and teachers. we are headed for a federal police force although they will never call it that. we will certainly pay for it. and he who pays for it will call the shots. tomorrow we expose the truth.
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new construction continues. >> mainstream foot surgeons are critical of a new friend
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>> thank you very much f


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